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High-end Earners in
Arkansas ( Top 10% )
median annual wage
median hourly wage
  • Travel to work sites to perform installation, repair or maintenance work
  • Analyze data to assess equipment operation
  • Lay cables to connect equipment
  • Calculate requirements for projects
  • Assemble structural components
Rickey Holt
Installation & Repair Lead Technician
High School
Bay High School
Where I Trained
Arkansas State University - Newport
What I earned
Associate of Applied Science in General Technology with an emphasis in Telecommunications

"One perk I love about my job is the freedom I have. I get a list of jobs and I am expected to do them, but I don’t have someone watching over me all the time. …every job I go to is different. You never get stuck doing the same job… I could be splicing fiber to activate services for someone or working on an outage."

“I don’t think I would say I ever have a typical day. On an average day, I could do anything from hanging cable for new services to helping a customer program a remote for their TV. I could be splicing fiber to activate services for someone or working on an outage caused by someone digging in the wrong spot and hitting our service."

"The main thing that someone who is considering this job would need is a good work ethic. This field is changing all of the time. Technology gets a little more advanced all of the time. You have to be able to adapt to the changes."

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