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High-end Earners in
Arkansas ( Top 10% )
median annual wage
median hourly wage
  • Install and maintain electrical systems to ensure businesses and homes run efficiently
  • Troubleshoot problems and repair wiring or equipment
  • Use different electrical tools to diagnose problems
  • Read blueprints and follow safety and building regulations
  • Perform maintenance and upgrade older systems
Matthew Cotner
General Foreman
High School
Morrilton High School
Where I Trained
Arkansas Construction Education Foundation Electrical Apprenticeship
What I earned
Arkansas Journeyman Electrical License, Arkansas Master Electrical License, among other certifications

"The national electrical grid is the backbone of our country. This critical infrastructure powers all of our lives."

First year apprentices start out at 50 percent of electrician wages. By their fourth year, they earn 90 percent of wages, but they must pass the licensing exam to earn 100 percent of electrician wages.

Electrical contractors work in different markets, so electrician apprentices are exposed to different work environments. Depending on the contractor, the apprentice may have heavy exposure to only one marketplace, such as retail, or multiple (think schools, banks, industrial, heal care, etc.).

Arkansas Job Outlook
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Number of jobs by 2028
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