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  • Develop plans or layouts utilizing computer-aided design software
  • Work with architects or engineers to create accurate designs for products
  • Include precise details such as the dimensions and materials
  • Communicate with the company about codes, standards and specifications
  • Conduct product design, development and testing
Whitney Brandon
CAD Drafter
High School
Russellville High School
Where I Trained
Arkansas State University - Beebe
What I earned
Associate degree in computer-aided drafting and design

"I get to see a whole room come to life on my screen and see how it would be enjoyed."

Designing and manufacturing used to be separate beasts. The introduction of CAD/CAM software unified the process, allowing one person to produce all aspects of the finished product.

"Whenever something is designed, you have to take in to consideration fabrication, assembly, and function to be able to truly make a good design."

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