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High-end Earners in
Arkansas ( Top 10% )
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  • Plan timber harvest, thinning, and planting schedules with foresters
  • Utilize GIS technology in numerous ways including assessing fire and storm damage and aiding in management plans
  • Operate log skidders, feller bunchers, and other heavy machines
  • Truck drivers are needed to haul timber from the woods to mills and finished products from mills
  • Maintenance technicians and maintenance supervisory roles are critical for mill operations
  • Team leaders and other management positions ensure safe and efficient operations
  • Supply chain jobs support timber sales and mill sourcing
Nikki Davis
Where I Trained
Arkansas State University
What I earned
Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Management & Ecology

"I like that every day is keeps me interested. 
One day, I might be out on a wildfire, the next, I might be marking trees for a thinning plan."